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Kapolei Community Development Corporation (KCDC) is a collaboration of native Hawaiian communities working toward the betterment of the Kapolei homestead region.


KCDC is a 501c(3) grassroot organization of committed volunteers who come with an array of talents, experience and skill.   


KCDC supports fostering community self-sufficiency and cultural preservation.  This can occur through partnerships that promote educational programs and career opportunities or cultivate appreciation for culture through presentation of our history and institution of traditional values into everyday practice.


KCDC strives to be a model of what a committed group of ordinary people can achieve.


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Hapai Pohaku


Respecting our past, we come together to help carry the kuleana to build our community and give future generations a sense of self and place.


In early 2007, Kapolei homestead leaders became aware of an opportunity to lease DHHL land to benefit the Kapolei community.  This opportunity also presented a challenge for the community to take full responsibility for the funding, planning and design, construction and operation of its chosen project.  The opportunity was a means to build community capacity by having the community determine and attain its own goal.


A door-to-door survey was conducted among all existing Kapolei homesteaders to identify a community initiative. The majority surveyed recommended providing a facility for the growing native Hawaiian population in Kapolei.  The homestead community also recommended providing culturally relevant programs aimed at educating, caring for and strengthening the family.


Homestead leadership petitioned the Hawaiian Homes Commission and was awarded lease to land for community use and benefit.  Lease conditions included the formation of a separate nonprofit entity to become the lessee and serve the Kapolei homestead region.


In 2008, KCDC filed its organizing documents, applied for and obtained IRS 501(c)(3) Federal tax exempt status. KCDC was created to be majority managed and owned by beneficiaries from homestead Associations in Malu‘ōhai, Kaupe‘a, Kānehili, and East Kapolei 2.


In 2009, fund development for the community project reflected the sluggish economy.  KCDC was able to see another opportunity DHHL provided for revenue generation through development of a commercial project.  KCDC saw revenue from the commercial development supporting the community project.  KCDC began to actively pursue this opportunity and formed an ad hoc Advisory Group of business, labor and development professionals for preliminary determination on feasibility and market for commercial development.


In January 2010, KCDC was the first beneficiary organization state-wide to attain certification in newly initiated DHHL capacity building program called Kūlia I Ka Nu‘u (Strive for Excellence) which assisted communities in establishing core community infrastructure to be able to take on future responsibilities.  This accomplishment enabled KCDC to compete for DHHL Community Economic Development funds and qualify for lease to land for commercial development.


By the end of 2010, KCDC’s consistent work resulted in approval for a parcel of land for commercial development.  DHHL granted ‘seed funds’ to initiate project planning.  During project planning, KCDC designed a series of outreach meetings aimed at delivering information in order to gain input on prioritizing criteria and identifying benefits valued by the community.  This engagement resulted in KCDC Strategic Plan and a Community Benefits Package.


KCDC spent 2011 working with consultants over land use planning and the requisite land or project studies.  KCDC was less than successful in its first attempt to market commercial parcel and procure development.  Undeterred, KCDC elected to work with a commercial brokerage firm in seeking development for the commercial land.


During 2012, KCDC continued in its effort for land development in order to establish an economic resource.  Simultaneously, KCDC acted to gain organizational strength and contracted consultants to facilitate customized training. KCDC procured planning consultant in pursuit of a funding strategy and master plan to establish Heritage Center.


Heritage Center Capital Campaign commenced in 2013.  KCDC application to the legislature resulted in a Grant-in-Aid award of $1.15M for Heritage Center construction. While funding inquiries were made to Office of Hawaiian Affairs and private foundations, KCDC strategy focused on securing benefits from DHHL Kapolei/Kalaeloa general leases.  This effort resulted in a Homestead Benefit Package over a 65 year period that would support the Kapolei regional project.  KCDC monitors and is pursuing other similar benefits.


In 2014, the Governor released the $1.15M for Heritage Center construction.  KCDC began working with Kiewit Corporation to complete planning and permitting and a Groundbreaking Ceremony for Phase 1 was held in July.  Construction of Phase 1 is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2016.

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